Herd Hub
Herd Hub is a decentralized community building protocol.
Utilizing AI and Telegram bots to build and mobilize communities.
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Herd Hub is a Telegram bot powered by AI. Use Herd Hub to reward your active community members while also growing your platform!

Herd Hub leverages AI technology to identify trending posts on Twitter and Telegram, promptly notifying users about them. Our community (or your community) then rallies together to engage with these post. Additionally, we execute BuyBacks and burns to benefit the project.

Use Herd Bot

Easy to use with a simple interface. Add it to your Telegram and immediately start!

Herd Hub's features & capabilities:

  • Alerts in Real-time

    Get real time information when your project is tweeted about! Get a notice every time its mentioned.

  • Stampedes

    Start a Stampede! Manually and automatically create Stampedes that provide missions for your community. Have rewards such as buy backs and burns if they complete it!

  • Notified Directly

    Get notified on viral posts of your project as well as FUD posts so that you can immediately interact with them!

  • Create and Meet Goals

    With our bot you'll be able to set goals for your community to meet every time a tweet is posted. Set the amount of Likes, Retweets, comments etc. that your community has to achieve to earn rewards!

  • Benefit Your Token

    Through our automated buyback and burn function. You'll be able to create deflationary pressure on your token. Benefiting your holders and your project!

  • Twitter Trending

    Boost your project's chances of trending on Twitter with Herd Hub AI. Our advanced technology automatically enhances the visibility of your project's hashtags(#) and cashtags($) to increase their reach.

Herd Hub

Creating a stampede for your crypto community.

Herd Hub is a part of the Difines Ecosystem

Herd Hub is a project within the greater Difines ecosystem, and developed by the Difines team. The Difines team is a global team dedicated to bringing users high quality projects with strong utility. Herd Hub not only serves as a utility-driven project but also receives the benefits of being part of the Difines system. Meaning it is also part of our unique Burn & Drop system. The Burn & Drop is the first of its kind that aims to prevent extreme volatility and negative price action. Essentially, burn one coin, get airdropped another.

$HERD Token

Name: Herd Hub
Ticker: $HERD
Supply: 1,000,000,000
(and burning)